Castle Cafe

By collaborated cafe with famous local cafes and tea shops, you can enjoy an authentic cafe experience at the castle tower. (No reservation required)

Kokura Castle Tower 5th floor

Event dates

February 26th~27th  BENNY’S COFFEE (instagram)

February 28th~March 5th    Cafe Grande (instagram)

March 6th~March 7th Canadian Coffee (HP)

March 8th~March 13th Kurocafe (instagram)

March 14th~March 15th BENNY’S COFFEE (instagram)

March 16th~March 19th Second Fitzroy Coffee (instagram)

March 20th~March 22d BENNY’S COFFEE (instagram)

March 23th~March 24th ATSUMI Coffee (HP)

March 25th~March 28th BENNY’S COFFEE (instagram)

March 29th~April 7th Canadian Coffee (instagram)

Business hours

The menu differs depending on each store. Please kindly note in advance.